Friday, November 8, 2013

When Yaya's Away...

My mom, Bug's Yaya, is on a little vacation. My cousin is running in a big marathon this weekend in Chicago and my mom went with some of my aunts to cheer Les on.  This is an awesome experience for my mom and I am so excited for her.  My mom is Bug's primary caregiver while we are at work and I am really lucky that I have my mom to rely on.

Since my mom is on her little vacation we were really thankful the my sister Allie and Dad stepped in to watch Bug today.  They went to the Scripps Aquarium for a fun date just the three of them.  I have to say I have a fantastic support system and I am so thankful to have my sister Allie fight to watch Bug.

My son has a great relationship with my siblings and they each play a special role in his life but Bug and Allie are a team.  They love hard and fight hard.  They love to be with each other. They bake, they practice soccer, they do everything together.  Allie is his other mom when I can't be there and I'm greatful.  I love for the pictures of his day that she sends me occasionally or the videos of him fighting sleep or playing tricks on her.  

They are too cute together. It cracks me up to have Bug tell me about Auntie Allie or Ah-Yi as he calls her.  He will purposefully ignore her to make he mad but he cries whenever he isn't with her and he talks about her all the time.  He pines for her.  They are so close.

It's nice to take time to give thanks for the people around you and the roles they play and the ways they help you function.  Thank you Allie for all you do for Mr. Noodle and our little family.  We are so blessed to have you there for us.  We love you.

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