Thursday, November 7, 2013

Momma's Night Off

Tonight I am really thankful for a surprise Momma's night off from cooking.  My hubs was craving his Mom's spaghetti and in his house, only he knows how to make it.  My spaghetti recipes, and there are several, are just to fancy for him. Even the basic ones won't do when you want frozen meatballs with Prego. 

I can't blame him though; his spaghetti is quicker, easier, and just as delicious. He will have to share his recipe of opening packages some day but tonight I am feeling so loved and special.  Being pampered by the person you love making you dinner, especially a delicious comfort meal complete with a clean kitchen and washed dishes...every adults dream come true.  I really lucked out.

Tonight was also Bug's first time really feeding himself Spaghetti. It was adorable to watch the struggle.  I learned that forks are optional; they are only used to help move the noodles from the messy bowl so you can pluck them off piece by piece. I tried it my self and it was kind of fun.  I had a fabulous night tonight. I have a messy little love bug and a sweet, caring honeybun.  This momma is really blessed. 

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