Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Today I am thankful for Dr. Kimberly Ventus Darks. As I mentioned previously I went to a women's conference with Dr. Kim a few weeks.  It was a life changing experience.   Dr. Kim is phenomenal and entertaining.  Her personality is almost as big as her hair!

I had no expectations for the day and I left feeling so fulfilled but I can't really explain what happened.  I know I was up in the front of the seminar so I participated a lot.  One of Dr. Kim's quirks, and there are several, was petting me constantly.  It was odd but I was willing to flow with it.  She petted lots of people in my seminar but I seemed to be her favorite.  She was drawn to playing with my hair, holding my hand and just touching me.  I've been listening to her seminar in the car the last few days while I was driving and I wonder now if it's part of her testing people's boundaries. I could have always said no or please stop touching me but I honestly didn't mind. In fact, having my arm petted like Mr. Bigglesworth just seemed like it was part of the process and experience.  The woman is freakin brilliant, entertaining, and wise.  I felt like I was part of something special and was soaking in every word. I didn't want to disrupt her flow. The one time my hand was unavailable to her I did throw off her flow and she mentioned it.  I thought it was hilarious and promptly replaced my hand in hers.  I felt a connection to her and the material.  It was a powerful experience and I relish it now weeks later.

Dr. Kim constantly says, "Flow with me" when she is getting to a point you need to take notice on. My favorite point was, "If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got. If you want something that you have never had then you need to do something that you have never done!" It sounds funny at first but it's absolutely truthful.  You can't expect things to change unless you do too. She also makes you turn to your neighbor and repeat what she says.  It's fun and helps with retention. When I had to do an impersonation of this wonderful woman the first thing I thought of was to ask the attendees to turn to their neighbors and say, "This has been an strange day."  Dr. Kim had made us say it earlier on and she was right...it was and it was wonderful.

I can't and won't give too much of the experience wih Dr. Kim away.  I fully wish everyone had the opportunity to experience this woman.  I truly feel like I have learned a lot from her and my life is going to be better for having met her and learned at her feet.  I hope that one day I can pass on her wisdom to my own family and friends. I'm thankful for her and the time we had together. It has made a difference in me. 

You can find more of Dr. Kim at www.drkimspeaks.com

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