Sunday, November 10, 2013

Take a picture, it'll last longer

Today was another busy day.  We had our family photos scheduled for this afternoon with our neighbor Shae.  She is a fantastic photographer and she takes pictures of my family that will last forever.  You can find her at

I always go into my photography shoots planning something "timeless" because I know, ok I hope, these pictures will be passed down to my grandchildren and beyond. I want them to have pictures of us as we were. It's a little bit of me they can keep forever. I feel it's important because people are on loan, you never know when they will be gone.  The only things I have now of my grandparents are pictures and sadly there aren't enough for my liking.  I want to change that for my family.  I'm thankful I have the money and time to take such beautiful keepsakes. More importantly I am thankful for the photos themselves. One day my Bug will be a grown man with a life and family of his own but these pictures will remind me of when he was all mine.

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