Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thankful for it all

TheToday has been such a wonderful and blessed day.  I woke up to a smiling and cheerful little Bug in my face saying , "Hi Momma!"

We went to Bug's toddler soccer practice and they had their first team picture and a little scrimmage. They look like little bees running around together. It melts my little heart to see Bug have fun learning new things and making friends.

After soccer we had a really nice brunch with my Dad, Sister Allie and her boyfriend Joe.  We always have a good time eating and talking about news stories. I had a delicious tri-tip and eggs. OMG it was delicious.  If you are ever in San Diego you need to go to Cali Comfort.  Their BBQ is so much better than Phil's; both are tasty but I'd take Cali Comfort over Phil's any day. 

On the way home the Bug fell asleep and took a glorious several hour nap whil I got ready for date night.  My hubby knows how much I love Harry Potter and he surprised me with tickets to the Potted Potter play at the Balboa Theater. Allie and Joe were kind enough to have a night in with Bug so we could be out on the town for a bit. It's fun to trade spots with them every so often. We get a taste of single com and they get a feel for the family life.  

After Potted Potter, my love took me for an amazing dinner at Bankers Hill.  This place is another must eat at establishment.  The service is wonderful, the bartender Christian is so knowledgable and talented, oh and the food is incredible.  We started off with a few cocktails and appetizers.  The bacon and orange marmalade "bruschetta" is to die for.  I wish we had ordered two servings; it was that good.  The toast was lightly grilled and topped with a goat cheese, orange and bacon marmalade with a frisée and apple salad on top.  I can't rave enough about this dish! I may go back tomorrow for more.  We followed this up with a delicate but delicious pear salad with pomegranate, goat cheese and honey over watercress. It was a solid dish but I still want more bruschetta.

My main course was a seasonal dish of fresh gnocchi and rosemary chicken meatballs with mushrooms and pumpkin.  It was so flavorful and filling but not too overwhelming.  It was a good portion but I wish there was more. I had to stop myself from licking my plate clean.  My Honey had a chipotle meatloaf over broccolini and scalloped potatoes. He let me have a few bites and his dish was tasty too.

The highlight of my evening was a cocktail.  My hubby has really been delving into whiskey, bourbons and scotch but they seem to strong for me.  I am always on the lookout for an approachable cocktail that we could share and help me understand his passion for the hooch.  I finally found one and it wasn't too girly either.  While I was at the vpbar chatting with the bartender we were discussing different bitter and a cocktail that was on the menu and how the bartender, Christian, would change it up for me. The original drink was called The Revolver and was a bourbon, coffee liquor, orange bitters and a orange rind.  Christian said he'd change it to a smoker scotch and exchange the orange bitters for a chocolate mole bitters.  It sounded wonderful so I ordered one and then another.  The smokiness of the Bomar Scotch paired beautifully with the bitters and liquor.  There was a smoky, salty and fresh smell that melded into a smooth drink with a strong smokiness on the back end.  It was the best cocktail I have had in a long time.  

Lastly, we ordered some desserts.  

A chocolate coconut tart with espresso gelato and kettle corn and....

A butterscotch pudding topped with creme fraiche, toffee and shortbread.

They were amazing but probably a little much.  The pudding was hands down the favorite.  I loved the flavors and textures between the pudding, creme and the shortbread.  It was perfect.

I am so thankful for days like today.  These days make all the other ones worth suffering through. Again, I am blessed. 

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