Thursday, November 6, 2014

Things that Make my Heart Soar

I feel so energized and if my heart was no longer caged in my chest it would be flyings out of my body tonight.  I have had a wonderful evening renewing my spirit and making new friends. I am drunk on the art of crafting.

A training I went to a few weeks ago said that your work is not supposed to fulfill you and bring you wholeness, accolades or renew your spirit.  You are supposed to get that from outside your job.  It's been hard for me to think of where I would find that away from work since I am at work so much and it has become a large part of me.  I think I found it tonight. I feel like I found my peace.

I met a wonderful woman named Amberly on my neighborhood Facebook page about a year ago. we are both young moms and our besides being in the same hood, our sons played toddle soccer together.  She is wonderfully upbeat and positive. Amberly strives to find joy and optimism in everything. It's refreshing.  We have never really hung out npbut I secretly hoped we would.  A few weeks ago she posted on Facebook about an Advent Calendar craft meet up and asked if any one would like to go.  I replied I would be interested but keep me posted as the date came close.  On Monday she messages me to see if  I was still interested and tossed out that she had reserved two spots for us.  I was excited and nervous. It was out of my comfort zone yet right up my ally.  I was in.  

Tonight was the day. I had no expectations but I was full of hope for a fun evening.  I walked into a warehouse that was full of wonderful crafting supplies. I was overwhelmed and excited all at once. There was a board with 25 tiny craft boxes and a million different things I could do to them.  It was wonderful; like a candy shop for crafters, a wonderland of trinkets and ribbons.

We set out to design and create our Advent Calendars. I have entered into a gold and silver phase lately and that was my theme.  Amberyly set out to craft a calendar that matched her Christmas decorations.  Each person there tonight had their own themes and reasons, they all came out beautifully.

Something about the freedom to create really set my soul on fire. I feel free and so happy, as if is as in a drug or drunk but I'm not.  I am just happy and feel the most like me I have in awhile. It was a beautiful evening and I am so thankful to Amberly for treating me. It really made me feel so happy.

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