Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boys will be Boys

Bug longs for friends. He relishes any time he can get with his friends. It kinda makes me sad he doesn't have siblings.  

Tonight we were lucky to steal his friend Jack while his Momma, my good friend, got her hair did. We ate cheese pizza with pepperoni, like ninja turtle, and played with laser guns.  I learned I don't die well. I tried to tell them I'm immortal and immune to the lasers but it didn't work.  Josh was crowned the chief though and was overlord of all the toys and the wild boys. It made my heart happy to see them play so well together. I'm thankful for friends for Adam. It is the best thing to see your child so happy. It made my day.

Freeze! Obviously Jack has the face down. Adam doesn't realize how serious laser guns are yet. 

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