Friday, November 7, 2014

On Forcing Oneself to Move

This morning I did something unprecedented...I ran.  It was not far or fast but it was enough to make me feel proud.  I alternated between running and walking for roughly 3/4 a mile.  I hate physical exertion.  Thanks exercise induced asthma!  The rush of air in and out of my lungs burns and I don't like feeling like I'm breathing molten glass.  The coughing fits after are no fun either.   I also don't sweat. Really, I don't. I overheat and feel like I'm burning up with the rays of 10,000 suns.  My red blotchy skin shows the heat all too well like a lobster in it's final boiling bath. 

Basically, exercises makes me feel like I am the girl on fire.  Today, I was ok with it. I can't guarantee that I will do it often but I did it today and that's what counts.  Baby steps but today I'm thankful to be moving at all. 

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