Saturday, November 8, 2014

There are Messages Everywhere

Today I am thankful for messages and the ability to experience them. Messages are everywhere as long as you are open to them.  They may be a thought, a feeling, a smell, a taste, a look, any sense that sparks can be a message.

Today, the trainer in my workout caught me off guard by saying, "Stop comparing yourself. Comparison is the their of joy!"  I had never heard this wonderful quote by Theodore Roosevelt but it struck me hard in the chest and I haven't been able to shake it. This past week I devoted an entire session in therapy to comparisons and their damage. I can say that I am sure it hurts both parties equally in different ways.  This could be a great example of cognitive bias but in any case I am glad I heard this message and have taken it in.  It's a new motto for me and a guiding thought to live by. 

I also got to go to a book signing today with my sisters and hopeful future brother in law. We stood in line to meet Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium.  She is so cute and sweet in person. I'll start right off saying we did not get a reading but it was healing and special in our own way.  My youngest sister, Demi, loves Theresa.  We had so much fun waiting in line, even though it felt like 100 degrees outside.  November is way drunk here in San Diego and needs to pull itself together. It's Fall and I was by the ocean.  I should not have been in a sundress with sweat running down my body and burning like it's August!  I guess it was nice weather though to sit outside the new Sausage and Meat and enjoy good food and well made drinks afterwards.  I sweated enough to deserve to eat Churro Chicharones. I will say that yes, that sounds scary odd but they were delicious.

Demi was so excited to be there and was giddily shaking with happiness.  It was cute to see.  When it was our turn, Demi was overcome with emotions.  Theresa asked her, and only her, what her name was.  They hugged and Demi began to cry.  It was a happy thing. Theresa looked at me and it felt like she wanted to say something but couldn't because of the time. It felt like an understanding, as odd as that may be.  Maybe it's all schtick but it seemed genuine.  Outside, in line to meet Larry, Theresa's husband, Demi told us that she knew our Grandparents were there and Theresa wanted to talk to us but couldn't.  She also told us that she felt our Grandma in that hug they shared. It was beautiful for what it was and all that it meant.  I'm grateful for the experience. I'm blessed to have my sisters and Joe too for these fun little outings. 

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