Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Do Much Better with a Plan in Place

Much better but not completely perfect. 

I love November. The cool crisp air with the scent of wet dirt and rain hanging heavy in the air. The feeling of gratitude and warmth laying heavy in my chest. The countdown to family and the holidays. Fall is just me. 

I have taken too long off from writing in my blog and it makes me sad. I enjoy the release of emotions, thoughts and just the act of being creative. I don't always have time or the drive to blog though. I need to work on that.  November is perfect for getting back in the swing of things. It gives me the opportunity to write about my blessings and life for 30 days. It's a plan I can start with. As it's November 2nd, you can see clearly that the plan is in place, it is good, but it's not perfect because I'm starting a day late like last year. 

Last year I started strong and then life took over and it was a complicated Fall. I am hoping for better this year. So my first post for 30 Days of Thanks this year is about being thankful to start over and be better. To have plans in place that I can use as a guideline. Mostly it's about washing away the year and getting clean for the new one that lies ahead.  

I think if a year in an abstract way of waking up in the morning, going about your day and work, then play and a bit of rest, then getting clean and preparing for bed again only wake up and start all over.  In January, you wake up and are revitalized to start your year, the work begins and goes on, hopefully in Summer you get some play and life relaxes a bit in September and October. The true Fall begins in November for me.  The holidays approach with plans and events in place. For me, I start to think about what the year has meant and what I've done. I start to prepare for the rest of the year ahead of me.  It's like showering and shaving, getting dolled up for December. Ah, December comes along with its cold weather and warm hearts and homes. It's restful and peaceful even in the commercial chaos. It's comfy.  So you rest.  Only to awake again in January to hustle, bustle, resolutions and more. 

I'm excited to use this time and this place to prepare.  I am ready to start.

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