Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The line has been drawn

On my belly that is. Tonight we took my parents to Okawa for some Japanese Hibachi and sushi to remember my Grandpa who passed away 23 years ago. I still am not used to Bug moving so much. It still freaks me put when I am eating and he sucker punches me. It's like a weird tickle. In any case, after Bug had feasted I went home and started getting ready for bed. For the first time I really noticed how big bug's getting. Part of that noticing was string straight at my brand new Linea Nigra. I swear it wasn't there this morning when I showered.

I am constantly impressed with pregnancy. It is so different than what I had expected and yet exactly what I thought it would be. No amount of planning or preparation can help a woman to understand fully what this journey is like. I can only say I have been blessed with the health and pregnancy I have been given. I'm really grateful for the mild morning sickness sans puking and feeling great except for pretty tired. I'm blessed that I have low blood pressure and low blood sugar instead of the dangerous highs. If only I could get rid of feeling like an air heady space cadet everything would be perfect but I'll deal. In 19 weeks I should be better than normal with my little Bug in my arms. I can't think of any living person more perfect to sacrifice for.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, just wait until your baby gets here! It's an exciting, but EXHAUSTING and hormonal time! =)

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