Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm not the only one

Little Bug,

Today, at 17 days 6 weeks, you gave me the best late Mother's day gift finally let your Daddy feel you move. It was the tiniest kick but it brought a smile to his face that warmed my heart. I'm so excited to share you with everyone else. Up till now it's just been you and me (ok, sometimes puppy Betsy smuggles on my belly to listen and feel you too) but now Daddy knows you're in there wiggling and stretching too.

I'm sure it was your way of saying "Thanks Dad!" for the delicious ribeye, steamed broccoli, mushroom risotto -and a piece of a lemon bar we had been craving. Well sweet little bug, thanks for the surprise. Everyday brings us a little closer to seeing your cute little face.


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