Sunday, July 11, 2010


Saturday mornings almost always start off the same way. Vincent and Lucy attack at between 6:00 and 7:00 am, starving for their sweet potato & fish food and ready for a romp outside. If we are lucky, after they have had their fill we can sneak back into bed for a early morning nap or some quiet cuddles in bed watching Revision3 on our media center. Revision3 is awesome to say the least. It is internet television with amazing, intelligent and interesting shows for everyone. I personally love lounging in bed with Josh and the puppies and watching Diggnation and Food Mob.

This Saturday we were trying to figure out what to eat for our lazy Saturday breakfast. Josh tossed around ancient grains French toast and mega veggie omelets. Nothing quite hit the spot. Thank God we decided to watch Food Nation while we tried to crave something to eat. We had been a bit behind and finally got around to the scrambled eggs episode. Now, I know scrambled eggs seemed easy and boring but I like the chef, Niall, so much that we decided to watch it anyways. I was so glad we did. We immediately got up and Josh, the tremendously talented breakfast chef he is, made the best scrambled eggs ever. I recommend this very simple and delicious recipe, it's more of a technique, to anyone. I will admit it was a little nerve wrecking following Niall's instructions because the eggs do kinda seem undercooked but they aren't. They are perfectly set and amazing. Please do yourself a favor and watch, make and eat these eggs.

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