Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm a failure!

Well, not me per say but I failed the 1 hour glucose test. That was a bummer. It's not even like I really failed. The national cutoff for the glucose test is supposedly 140 but being a really good Dr, mine would rather have more false positives than misdiagnose gestational diabetes so he makes everyone who scores over a 130 take the 3 hour test. I scored a 132....It could have been the cheese I threw on my eggs that morning or the stupid Almond Joy Cake I made for my sister's birthday and ate really this point I don't even care. It doesn't change the fact that tomorrow I am looking to down some really nasty stuff and then possibly get sick in public and wait for 3 hours while I get poked by stupid little needles.

I really hope I don't get sick.

They don't even have a little room to relax in if I get nauseous or dizzy or anything. I have to wait, in the waiting room with all these sick people and hang out for 3 hours. Ugh! Well, wish me luck. Better get some rest for the big day.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! You should never eat before your glucose test! You're supposed to fast for 12 hours! :o

Eating Maggie said...

Yeah, I wish they would just scrap the 1 hour and make us do the 3 hour instead. I don't know anyone who passed the one hour and we each had different instructions from our Dr. I was told to eat first but another friend wasn't.

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