Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot German Potato Salad

Today was my baby brother's 25th birthday. This called for a celebration and that mean I get to cook! I was very excited because I was in charge of the side dishes and I had the perfect one that was calling me from the cooking binder. Since the main meal was burgers and brats I figures potato salad and coleslaw were good compliments. I have a coleslaw recipe that Nick, the birthday boy, particularly likes and I found Grandma Helen's handwritten recipe for Hot German Potato Salad in a stack of old recipes. It's a beautiful color copy of a weathered and beaten 5x8 yellow legal note paper with splotches of smeared ink where water or oil had fallen. Her penmanship looks rushed but I can tell that she was using her favorite cheap blue papermate pens.

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All I can say about this recipe is that it was very easy to make and everyone really liked it (unless they lied). It's the perfect accompaniment for a BBQ. It's a HOT (as in warm) potato salad that is dairy free so you won't have to worry about it getting warm or poisoning people with bad mayo.

I should note I edited it a bit because it only called for 3 medium potatoes and it doesn't mention how many servings....Also, I had to assume a few things based on unclear direction and use of short hand. Don't worry, my notes are listed with logic.

Hot German Potato Salad - I assume this can feed 6 - 8 people
3 Med Potatoes ( I used 9 potatoes and the rest of the recipe as is. )
4 Bacon slices diced (This is raw bacon)
1 Small Onion
1 Tab Flour
1 Tab Sugar
1 Tea Dry Mustard
1 Tea Salt
1/4 Tea Pepper
1/2 c Water
1/4 Vinegar (I assumed white vinegar)
1/2 Tea Celery Seeds
1 Tab Chopped Parsley

Cut potatoes in half. Place in plastic bag, cut side down - Leave end of bag open. Cook on HIGH 10 min or til tender. (Again, I assume she means cooking in a microwave since boiling and baking makes no sense). Remove skins (I left them on since now we know a lot of nutrition is removed with the skins), slice potatoes - place in a bowl. in a four cup measure (or a large microwave safe bowl), cook the bacon & onion High 4-5 minutes (Yes, the bacon will look very uncooked, it's meant to look pink and weird, you can cook it a little longer if you feel the necessity).
Stir in flour, sugar, mustard, salt and pepper (This means add it to the bacon and onions)
Stir in water, vinegar & celery seeds. Stirring once, cook on HIGH 4 mins (I wasn't sure what was really meant by this but I literally only stirred it once and placed it in the microwave). Pour over cooked sliced potatoes. (This is where you sprinkle the parsley...it was listed on the ingredients but never used....oh well, nice tasty flourish)

Here's what it'll look like. It was really tasty and a nice way to have Grandma at the birthday party. I know she'd have had a blast tonight and be really proud of the man my brother has become. Happy Birthday Nicky. I love you!

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Josh said...

It was pretty good. I guess it was popular to have floppy bacon in those days. My grandma liked to make green beans with bacon. The bacon would cook in the green beans, but be soft. I still like my bacon a little crisper and browned.

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